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UMRHRC Projects 2006-2007

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Beyond Simple Ranking: Identifying and Empirically Testing Alternative Approaches for Recognizing Quality in Rural Hospitals
The purpose of this project is to explore several alternative methods for assessing the relative quality of hospitals using data from the Hospital Quality Incentive Demonstration Project and Hospital Compare.

Developing Quality Measures and Communication Strategies for Rural Patient Transfers
The purpose of this project is to quantify the complexity of the coordination of patient care in rural health care systems and to expand our work on developing quality measures for rural patients whose care is transferred between providers.

Implementation of Telepharmacy in Rural Hospitals: Potential for Improving Medication Safety
The purpose of this project is to describe successful telepharmacy activities and to analyze policy issues related to the implementation of telepharmacy projects in rural hospitals. These policy issues include the potential impact of telepharmacy use on the quality of pharmaceutical services and medication safety for rural patients.