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August 2017
Casey M, Henning-Smith C, Abraham J, Moscovice I
May 2017
Henning-Smith C, Casey M, Prasad S, Kozhimannil K
April 2017
Hung P, Kozhimannil K, Casey M, Henning-Smith C
September 2016
Abraham, J., Drake, C., McCullough, J.S., Simon, K.
May 2016
Henning-Smith, C., Kozhimannil, K.B., Prasad, S., Casey, M.M., Moscovice, I.S.
May 2016
Hung, P., Kozhimannil, K.B., Casey, M.M., Henning-Smith, C., Prasad, S.
April 2016
Kozhimannil, K.B., Henning-Smith, C., Hung, P.
April 2016
Casey, M.M., Hung, P., Henning-Smith, C., Prasad, S., Kozhimannil, K.B.
March 2016
Henning-Smith, C., Wholey, D., Casey, M., Moscovice, I.
February 2016
Henning-Smith, C., Casey, M., Moscovice, I.
January 2016
Hung, P., Kozhimannil, K., Casey, M., Moscovice, I.

Henning-Smith, C., O'Connor, H., Casey, M., Moscovice, I.