Housing for Rural Residents Recovering from Substance Use Disorders

Publication Date: May 16th, 2024
Publication Type(s): Case Studies
Topic(s): , , ,
Author(s): Rydberg K, Jacobson I, Tuttle M, Lahr M, and Henning-Smith C

Housing is a well-documented social determinant of health. For individuals experiencing challenges with substance use, stable and supportive housing is a critical element of their health and recovery journey. The stress of not having safe or affordable housing may increase the risk of substance use and relapse. There can be many barriers to housing for individuals in recovery, however, and rural residents in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD) may experience greater difficulty in accessing housing. The purpose of this case series is to highlight organizations providing housing for individuals in recovery from substance use disorders in rural communities. These may serve as examples to others considering this work.

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