Rural Health Interest Group

All graduate students and community members interested in learning more about issues of population health in rural spaces are encouraged to join the Rural Health Interest Group (RHIG). Whether this is a topic near and dear to your heart, or you are totally new to all things rural, all are welcome! We know that place shapes so much about health outcomes, and rural places, too long overlooked, are becoming an increasing focus of media and political discourse.

This group offers graduate students interested in rural health issues an organized way to network with each other and SPH faculty and staff doing rural health work, to seek professional opportunities to advance rural health research and practice, as well as to broaden their understanding of pressing equity and health challenges. Due to COVID-19, our gatherings will be limited in 2021-22 to primarily virtual settings, but we still aim to have rich discussions and learnings as we connect over this shared interest from across our different places. To learn more, or to join this group, check out the website for RHIG here.


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