Access to Rural Pharmacy Services In Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. UMN RHRC Working Paper #36.

Publication Date: July 1st, 2001
Publication Type(s): Working Paper
Topic(s): , , , ,
Author(s): Casey, M., Klingner, J., Moscovice, I.

This paper describes the current status of rural retail pharmacies in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, including their organizational characteristics, staffing, services provided, financial status, and planned future changes; examines the availability of pharmacy services in rural areas of these three states, including changes over the past three years in the distribution of pharmacies; and briefly analyzes regulatory and policy issues that affect the delivery of pharmacy services in rural areas. Data for the study came from a phone survey of 537 rural pharmacies in the three states, an analysis of pharmacy licensure data, and follow-up phone interviews with clinic, public health, and social services staff in rural communities with
potential pharmacy access problems.

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