Beyond Clinical Complexity: Nonmedical Barriers to Nursing Home Care for Rural Residents

Publication Date: March 6th, 2018
Publication Type(s): Peer-reviewed Journal Publications
Topic(s): , , ,
Author(s): Henning-Smith C., Kozhimannil K., Casey M., Prasad S.

Abstract: We conducted a qualitative content analysis of barriers to nursing home admission for rural residents. Data came from semi-structured interviews with 23 rural hospital discharge planners across five states (Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin). From those, we identified four themes around nonmedical barriers to rural nursing home placement with particular salience in rural areas: financial issues, transportation, nursing home availability and infrastructure, and timeliness. We also identified policy and programmatic interventions across four themes: loosen bureaucratic requirements, improve communication between facilities, increase rural long-term care capacity, and address underlying social determinants of health.

Published in: Journal of Aging & Social Policy


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