Resources for Caregiving in Rural Communities

Publication Date: August 28th, 2018
Publication Type(s): Policy Brief
Topic(s): , ,
Author(s): Lahr M, Henning-Smith C

This policy brief describes resources that are being used across the country to support caregivers in rural communities. In selecting resources to feature in this policy brief, we focused on those that provide services targeted to caregivers of adults with long-term care needs, particularly those programs available to caregivers in rural areas. While many programs are national in scope, the resources featured here include many that have been implemented in rural communities and states with large rural populations, as well as resources that are available remotely (online or via telephone), thus increasing the accessibility to rural caregivers.

This resource guide is not an exhaustive list of available programs and focuses on resources for caregivers of older adults and adults with functional impairments. There are many other organizations that focus on supporting caregivers of other groups of individuals (i.e., children); those resources are not included here.

A corresponding policy brief, “Perspectives on Caregiving Challenges and Interventions,” found that there are many challenges related to caregiving in rural areas, including access to resources like caregiving supports.

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