Rural Radiology: Who Is Producing Images and Who Is Reading Them? UMN RHRC Working Paper #9.

Publication Date: February 3rd, 1995
Publication Type(s): Working Paper
Author(s): Yawn, B., Krein, S., Christianson, J., Hartley, D., Moscovice, I.

This study identifies the advanced imaging technology available to rural hospitals and assesses access to timely radiological interpretation of plain film and advanced technology images.  Data were collected by a survey of hospital administrative personnel in all rural hospitals in an eight-state region of the Northwest. 

Results indicate that local availability of advanced imaging technology varied from 92% for dedicated mammography units, 90% for ultrasonography, and 73% for computerized axial tomography to only 31% for MRI.  Radiologists were on site in the rural hospitals some portion of 46% of the days each year; 39 of the rural hospitals had on-site radiological services less than once per week.  This suggests that non-radiologists are major radiology service providers in rural America.

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