Why Do Rural Primary-Care Physicians Sell Their Practices? UMN RHRC Working Paper #32.

Publication Date: June 2nd, 2000
Publication Type(s): Working Paper
Author(s): Stenslad, J., Brasure, M., Moscovice, I.

This study evaluates why rural primary care physicians sell their practices. A random sample of rural primary care practices in California, Utah, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia were surveyed to investigate changes in ownership of the practices during the period 1995-1998. These five states were selected because they represent areas with different experiences with physician- hospital integration and varied rates of managed care penetration. A series of logistic regressions were conducted to examine the factors that led independent physicians to sell their practices to either non- local buyers, local hospitals or local physicians. Findings suggest that sales to non-local buyers represent the majority of practice ownership changes.

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