Will Bundling Work in Rural America? Analysis of the Feasibility and Consequences of Bundled Payments for Rural Health Providers and Patients. UMRHRC Policy Brief.

Publication Date: September 1st, 2011
Publication Type(s): Policy Brief
Topic(s): , ,
Author(s): Town, R., Gregg, W., Moscovice, I., Prasad, S., Klingner, J.

This report and policy brief will:

  1. assess the financial and quality challenges—and potential unintended consequences for rural providers and patients—of implementing bundled payments for acute and post-acute care episodes;
  2. explore the possible impact on quality of care delivered under a facility-physician bundled payment system;
  3. describe potential modifications to current bundling proposals and additional steps CMS could take that will help address rural-specific issues.


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