Relationship Between Service Utilization and Costs for High Cost Rural Medicare Patients

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Project Lead: Ira Moscovice

The purpose of this study is to: 1) assess the relationship between service utilization patterns and costs for rural Medicare beneficiaries across the rural continuum; 2) examine the relationships between rural beneficiariesÂ’ service utilization and market structure; and 3) evaluate provider-focused and beneficiary-focused strategies and policies for addressing high costs in specific rural contexts. The Medicare Beneficiary Annual Summary File will be used to analyze service use and per capita expenditures for rural Medicare beneficiaries, to identify factors associated with high Medicare expenditures for rural beneficiaries, and to describe service use and costs throughout the rural continuum as reflected in Hospital Service Areas. Multivariate regression analysis will be used to examine the relationships between provider market structure, beneficiary demographics, beneficiary service use and expenditures.

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